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The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do

What if you were so good at your work, such an asset to your company, that your employer would do almost anything not to lose you? What if you performed in such a way that people buzzed about your performance and wanted more of your time, ideas, participation, and leadership?

When people constantly demand more and more of whatever it is you do, this is what I describe as The Encore Effect.

You know what an encore is... You are so moved by a performance that you and the rest of the audience start clapping, cheering, and yelling, “Bravo!”—refusing to let the artist or performer leave the stage. The audience wants-demands-more of that artist. What if that artist was you?

Whatever stage you perform on, it can be just as worthy of an encore performance as any concert hall in the world. I believe that a worthy goal in life is to have people shouting for more of whatever it is we do that is really important and matters to us.

The world is desperately looking for people who make such a difference, who produce memorable results, who have a positive impact on others. Such “performers” make themselves indispensable. Whatever their stage, they shine. That is the power, and the promise, of the Encore Effect.


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