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Dear Colleague,

I am often asked for a recommendation as to what to do first.

The answer, of course, is “that depends…” It depends on where you are now and which of the various skills that lead to encore performances can, with a little effort on your part, result in a significant improvement in your effectiveness with your “audiences” (customers, colleagues, etc.). The best way to begin is to spend a few minutes to assess where you fall on the continuum of remarkable performance knowledge and skills.

I have designed a self-assessment tool that provides a snapshot
of where you are now so that you can make good decisions
about how to most quickly improve.

I offer this assessment to purchasers of the book, for a limited time, on a complimentary basis. I do this to provide you an additional resource for your personal and professional development. After all, among the traits of an encore performer are Leadership and Influencing Others.

By taking this assessment, you'll discover your own Encore strengths and quickly chart a path to sustainable and extraordinary performance. The insights you gain will help identify the critical success path you need to take to fully realize your own Encore Effect. The fact that you’ve bought the book and are taking the assessment demonstrate your desire--you just need strategices and tactics to achieve your goals.

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Mark Sanborn

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