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The Encore Effect Keynote... How to Develop Remarkable Performers at Every Level of Your Organization

Everybody has a "stage". It could be one's work, home or community and a passion for the quality of what we do.

Mark Sanborn presents a new, high impact keynote presentation based on The Encore Effect: How to Give a Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do (Random House, September 2008).

Mark describes the process for creating a remarkable performance in whatever you do that will make customers, colleagues and others want to come back for more.

Your audience will learn how to practice their craft using SCALES (Summarize Critical Actions Learn Essential Skills), use preparation to virtually assure success, keep polishing to 2LU: 2 Levels Up, and avoid performance pitfalls.

It's the same methodology for achievement that Mark has used to become a best selling author, hall-of-fame speaker and leading authority on leadership, service and team development.

No matter what you or your organization do, Mark Sanborn's latest keynote presentation will give you valuable insight into achieving and sustaining encore worthy performances.

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About Mark Sanborn

Mark is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio for leadership development, and the author of the national and international bestsellers, The Fred Factor and You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader. Mark is an award winning business speaker who regularly keynotes meetings and events across the United States and abroad.

Mark lives near Denver, CO with his wife, Darla, and their sons, Hunter and Jackson.

For more on Mark Sanborn and the topics he writes and speaks on, visit MarkSanborn.com.


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