The Encore Effect:
How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do ( Hardcover)

Would you like to achieve a remarkable performance in anything you do?

If you answered yes, and I assume you did, then you need to get your copy of The Encore Effect. In my dynamic new book I show you how to prepare, practice, perform, polish, overcome pitfalls and harness your passion to create encore-worthy performances at work, in your community and in your life!

And, to help you attain your goals, we’ve created The Encore Effect Online Assessment, a powerful tool that will help you highlight your strengths and tell you exactly where you need to concentrate your efforts to truly create encore performances in everything you do.

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May all Your Performances be Remarkable,

Best Always, Mark Sanborn


"Sanborn does it again! Mark writes a remarkable book that teaches us to not only deliver a great performance - but to inspire others to give their "encore" best."

-- Tommy Spaulding
CEO & President of Up with People

"Mark Sanborn’s visionary book, The Encore Effect, illuminates the principles of success that have guided my entire career! This book gives you the tools and inspiration to engage your audience, and create memorable performances. In my line of work, engaging the audience is critical to success. I created the preschool hit television shows Blue’s Clues and Super Why by staying true to what makes preschoolers laugh, learn and talk back to the TV. By being passionate about my vision we changed the role of the preschool viewing audience. Whether your chosen audience is 5…or 55, The Encore Effect shares the secrets of achieving remarkable repeat performances!"

Angela Santomero
founding partner and chief creative officer of
Out of the Blue Enterprises, LLC

“The Encore Effect will convince you that your life is a performance, and to achieve your dreams you must master it.  This book will help you construct an encore worthy performance, be it at the podium or in the conference room.   Read this book to start your journey to sustainable success.”

Tim Sanders
author of Saving The World At Work and Love Is The Killer App

The Encore Effect
The Encore Effect
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Mark's latest book will show you how to deliver encore-worthy performances at work, home and in your community!

In The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do, Mark identifies the traits that extraordinary performers have in common: passion, preparation, practice, presence, polish and the ability to overcome pitfalls.

He'll show you how you can develop these characteristics in yourself and explains how the best performers help others achieve excellence as well.

Whether your "stage" is an office, a sales floor, a boardroom, or your own home, Mark's advice will help you shine - everywhere it matters most. Mark Sanborn reveals how each one of us can achieve an encore performance- the kind that leaves people wanting more- in work and in life.

Order your copy of "The Encore Effect" and take the online assessment today!